Panel Specs

Designer Sound Panels

The sound panels that are featured throughout this website consist of two core materials. The panel itself is made of compressed fiberglass that averages 7 pound density. The edges are dipped in an epoxy resin that is designed to make the edges crush proof, there is no internal frame beneath the canvas.  The canvas that is wrapped around the panels is a heavy knit polyesther textile that accepts images and graphics as a printable surface. The canvas wraps around the front side, edges and heat seals to the backside. The panels can be custom cut to size, with a maximum dimension per piece of 4’x10′. They can be dropped into a ceiling grid system, floated mechanically as a cloud from the ceiling, or wall mounted as separate panels or as a continuous mural.

Data Sheets

The following data sheets are available for download:

Core Panel Data Sheet

Image Wrap Data Sheet

Finished Panel Specification Guide

Fire Rating Documentation

Panel Install

Installation mount methods will depend on your treatment option. For wall mounted panels or murals, standard ZClip hardware is affixed to the backside of your panels, with the mating clips will ship to be anchored mechanically to your wall. This allows for an adhesive free installation. The panels are portable. Note that these same clips can be used to affix the panels flush to your ceiling, but we recommend you “float” them as a PhotoCloud instead.

All sound panel systems supplied by are made in America.