Industry Facts

The Restaurant Industry

Did you know….

–   There are 970,000 restaurant locations in the United States

–   130 million people eat at these restaurants every day

–   10% of the US workforce is employed by the Restaurant industry (12.9 million people)

–   The Restaurant industry generates 4% of America’s GDP ($632 billion per year)

For the owners of these restaurants, the employees who work there, the customers who eat there, and the designers and architects who design these spaces, we welcome you to the world of art controlling sound.  Our unique blend of design and acoustics offers our customers stunning visuals that protect:

–   Protect your space against noise
–   Protect the comfort of your customers
–   Protect your repeat business
–   Protect your market share
–  Protect against worker absenteeism
–  Protect against employee turnover

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