How it Works

Pictures That Capture Echoes

Most bars, restaurants and nightclubs are by design filled with hard, washable, reflective surfaces such as wood, glass, granite, marble, concrete, tile and metal. These surfaces, while designed for visual appeal and cleanability, do not lend themselves favorable to the acoustics in the room. Echoes will carry far beyond levels acceptable to human ear, blurring sound signals, raising decibel level exposure, and distorting music. By introducing sound panels into the space, the echoes collapse, clarity to sound is restored, crowd noise drops and the repeat client leaves satisfied with their experience. Untreated rooms for sound control can prove expensive to a bar or restaurant owner. Noise kills business.

To treat your space for sound, supplies custom imaged sound panels designed to surface mount in your room and control the echoes. We simply replicate our treatments over and over again for each new client, tailoring the design of each application around the size, shape and surface textures of their room before we get started. The custom imaging is an added value that will combine to produce a user friendly space that pleases all the senses.   Our sound panels will brand your space with the WOW factor.

To get started with a new treatment, there is a simple three step process that unfolds.

Step 1: Measure Your Space

Call your length, width and height of your room in to our help desk at 1- 800-600-6715. Your cubic footage and surface textures will tell us how much square footage we need to target for your treatment. If we under treat the room, it won’t work. If we over treat the room, you invest more than you need to. Our 20 years of industry experience has defined an effective approach for packaging each treatment accurately.

Step 2: Pick Your Treatment Option

Determine which treatment option is most practical for your venue. Shown here is the PicturePanel Wall Mount option, but you can also choose from the PhotoClouds, Thumbnails, Wallscape, or Accent options. Wall or ceiling mounted, the treatment will perform so long as appropriate quantities are introduced into your space.  Panel location is regardless, so long as the panels are exposed to the room.  We simply plug your square foot totals into the treatment option of your choice, to ensure that the proper amount of panels are delivered and the sound values you are seeking will be met.

Step 3: Images

Finally, you choose the images you want to see on your panels.

Once we have received your design choices for both panel placement and imagery, we will generate your quote to produce your panel system.   Production time averages four weeks, we will drop ship to your project site for self installation.

Please note.

The most cost effective way to produce the sound values you are seeking is to keep the acoustic experts off your property, and install the panels yourself. Our sound proofing treatments are custom tailored to the needs of each space we treat. While the treatments replicate over and over again with great success, each is uniquely tailored to the space based on the size, shape and surface textures of your room. By feeding us your room’s dimensions, we will diagnose your treatment and calculate panel coverage at no cost to you.