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How do I get started?
Measure your room and call us at 1-800-638-9355, or submit your floorplan.  We’ll match your room’s size, shape and surface textures to the square foot totals we want to see you introduce into your room. From there, we’ll work with you through your Treatment Options and Graphics Selections, and package your quotes. Orders take on average 4 weeks to produce and ship.

How much does it cost?
The cost for your treatment will depend on the size of your room. The cubic footage of your space will indicate the square foot totals of our panel systems that we will want you want to target for your treatment. Once these totals are calculated, we can quote your project price.

How do I know it will work?
Soundproofing treatments are like snow flakes, no two are exactly alike.  But the applications themselves are easy to replicate over and over again with amazing results.  We diagnose each treatment based on the size, shape and surface textures of your space.  The results are comparable with every project we prescribe, so long as appropriate quantities are introduced into the room. The assurance you seek rests in our track record of servicing tens of thousands of clients over a twenty year span. We do not get complaints back about lack of performance. We know the treatments perform.   Our sound panels will produce more control over your environment, protecting your space, your customers, your employees and your repeat business.

Do you come to my site?
No. Because the treatments are replicated, based on the size, shape and surface textures in your room, this removes the need for an onsite visit by the acoustical expert. We know what to do out ahead of your phone call, we just don’t know how much material you need until we speak with you and determine your room’s size. Placing people onsite to calculate square footage is a cost saving measure for you. The sound values you are seeking will be triggered, keeping us off site will save on cost.

How many panels do I need?
We don’t know the quantities required for your treatment until we hear from you. Grab your room’s dimensions and call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355. We will configure your panel coverage and let you select your Treatment Options and your Graphics.

How do I know where to place my panels?
The key to the success of your soundproofing treatment lies not in the location of the panels, but in the quantities being introduced into your room. You have the freedom to place your panels where you wish.  Thumbnail and PhotoCloud options treat your ceiling and not your walls, while PicturePanel and Wallscapes treat your walls and not your ceiling. Or you can mix and match, combine a wall panel and ceiling panel installation.

Note that you do not need 100% coverage of any surface in your room to trigger your values. Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 with your room’s dimensions, and we’ll equate to the square foot totals you should target for your treatment. Regarldless of their location, you will capture and convert enough echo out of the room to deliver the sound values you are seeking.

Do you do installations?
No. Our panel systems are easy to self install.  We provide mounting hardware to help you anchor the panels mechanically to perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces.

How to install the panels?
Depending on which treatment option you select, ceiling or wall, there are different mount methods. These are discussed in more detail on the Treatment Options page. Clouds are mechanically suspended from the ceiling. Thumbnails are dropped into an existing grid system. Wallscapes and PicturePanels are mechanically clipped to your wall surface. All treatments are easy to take down for cleaning , moving, storing, painting the walls, etc.

Can I submit my own images?
Yes. We can print any image onto your panels that you want. If you have your own images (or logos) to submit, be sure to check with our help desk to confirm the image size and pixel count is strong enough to reproduce on our panels.

How do I submit my own images?
We will give you our ftp site which allows you to upload large file images.

What are my cost saving opportunities?
Accept our advice upfront without putting the sound expert into your space. We will guide you through your treatment and deliver the sound values and aesthetics you are seeking. Then install the panels on your own. The only out of pocket cost should be for the panels and the freight charge. Also, limit your image selections. Note how (1) Thumbnail system or (1) PhotoCloud or (1) Wallscape project can represent a single image. If you are selecting images off our site, the more images you order, the more costly your project.

I need help on designing my treatment. Do you offer support?
Yes. For a flat rate fee that can be included in your quote, we will assign our Design Team to your project. They will offer a visual presentation for you out ahead of your project, assisting in treatment options and image selection. If you want a PicturePanel treatment, but are not comfortable designing it on your own, call for help!

How long does it take to get the panels?
Average 4 weeks to produce, up to 1 week to ship.

Are the panels approved for use in a public space?
Yes. The panels are class A fire rated, approved for use in any public venue.

Are there national account options?
Yes. If you are a national or regional chain, we can secure a house account price for you once the account is established in our system.

Are there disclaimers?
Please note that no two soundproofing treatments are alike. Despite the success triggered by replicating our treatments over and over again for each new client that calls for help, there are no guarantees that a specific sound reduction value will be hit. There are averages, such as dropping the echoes to the human ear threshold of 1.5-2.0 seconds, or lowering dB readings by an average 8-10 decibels. But what we are after here is better control over your environment, not a cure. Your room will still carry noise, but not as much of it. Imagine turning your television sound down by 75% and then holding a conversation in the room. This would be the equivalent average for a PicturePanel treatment.

Do you take returns?
No. All sales are final. Because every PicturePanel order is custom designed around the treatment, the image selections and panel sizes, the panels themselves cannot be resold to another client. All sales are final. The only exception is if the panels arrive damaged upon delivery. In that case, you will need to have the driver sign as damaged goods so we can recreate your order at the freight carrier’s cost.

What if my panels arrive damaged?
Normally this is not the case. But the rare exception might be if a truck has damaged the panels enroute to your location. In that case, it is imperative that you fully inspect the order upon delivery and sign for any panels as damaged, otherwise we cannot replace the panels for free. Do not let the driver leave your site before you inspect your order. Have the driver sign for any damaged panenls, and we will replace them at no cost to you and forward that invoice on to the carrier.

Can you print your custom image graphics on other surfaces than sound panels?
Yes. It is quite often the case where clients will want to compliment their sound panel treatment with imagery printed onto stone, tile, acrylic or a variety of other surfaces typically found in a bar, nightclub or restaurant setting.    Also napkins, coasters, and t-shirts that help brand your space, our custom imaged sound panels often become the centerpiece for the full design and merchandising of a restaurant.