About Us

Where Acoustics Become Visual

PicturePanels.com is a soundproofing design firm based in Minneapolis, MN. For more than 25 years, we have been packaging sound proofing treatments for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. As a result of designing more than 15,000 sound panel projects, we built this website to target the one industry niche with the poorest of room acoustics: loud bars, restaurants and nightclubs

And we’ve met that challenge with an exclusive visual sound panel system that you will only find here at PicturePanels.com. Our clients sort through limitless image and/or Fine Art options that we print onto the face of their sound panels.  Or they submit their own.  The visual presentation of our panel systems are stunning, and a welcome relief for the bar and restaurant community.

Our mission statement at PicturePanels.com is simple. Our goal is help you make your space look great and sound even better. Your sound panel treatments will be custom tailored to please the eye and soothe the ear. Wall or ceiling mounted, your panel system will control crowd noise, lower decibel level exposure, produce more favorable musical tones, and deliver greater clarity to speech, and intimacy to your environment. No longer will your customers strain to hold conversations, your room’s acoustics will sound great, your repeat business is more secure.

To get started, grab your room’s dimensions and call our help desk today!