The Marriage of Art and Science

Welcome to PicturePanels.com. We look forward to working with you to improve the acoustics within your establishment, while complimenting the design of your space. There is no greater threat to the livelihood of a bar, restaurant or nightclub than the lack of repeat business, and no greater threat to a satisfied customer than poor room acoustics. With your help, a PicturePanel treatment will combine to deliver both an aesthetically pleasing impact to your venue, as well as the acoustics your customers deserve.

This website will guide you through the process and equip you with the tools you will need to produce the sound values you are seeking for your space.  Start with our complimentary Room Analysis.   We will calculate for you the proper amount of square footage of our panel systems that your space commands.   The key to the success of your soundproofing treatment is to be accurate with this calculation.  Our 25 years of industry experience will safeguard for you that we get it right.   Our time and expertise are yours to tap.

Once you have your square foot totals, our Treatments section will introduce to you a variety of techniques for placing your panels into your space.   Each of our treatments is like a snowflake, uniquely tailored around the demands of a room based on its size, shape and surface textures.   Whether retrofitting an existing space, or targeting a new design/build project, the sound panels can be spaced as you wish around your room’s perimeter, wall or ceiling mounted.

Once you have determined where within your space your sound panels can be surface mounted, your next step is the fun part.   Prepare for the WOW factor.

You control the look and feel of the treatment, while we guide you through the process. The key to the success of your project will be based, not on the location of the panels you select, but on the amount of material you introduce into the room. PicturePanels will help safeguard that you do not under-treat or over-treat your space.

We look forward to working with you. Your sound solution is just a phone call away!