Wallscapes are continuous wall mounted sound panels that create a mural down the expanse of a wall. The image is carried across the full set of sound panels that can be butted one to the next, or carried across a staggered set of panels as we show here.  Wallscapes are a great way to curb crowd noise and build that WOW factor into your space.    Remember, the key to the success of your treatment will be the square foot totals that the panel system will be introducing into your space.   Do not under treat your room!   Adding a single panel or two into a space will do little to combat your noise.    Call our help desk at 1-800-600-6715 to calculate your totals!

Wallscapes can be either one continuous mural, or a single image stretched across multiple panel systems.   Each treatment is like a snowflake.  Panel options are based on the design and layout of your space.   Note that Wallscapes can also be used to give the appearance of brick, stone, marble, granite, wood, or vintage wallpaper.   The designs are unlimited, the image choices are for you to decide!