Thumbnails is famous for its decorative Thumbnail treatments that spread a single image across the expanse of a drop grid tile system. The transformation in your room will be stunning.  Note that we do not sell the grid systems, or install them. We can cut your Thumbnail treatment as either a 2’x2′ or a 2’x4′ panel dimension to drop into any existing or new build grid system.

Note that our Thumbnails are 2″ thick and offer more than twice the absorption coefficients over most existing, standard commercial grade ceiling tiles.   Our NRC values are 1.10, while most commercial grade tiles are .55 or less.   This means that if you replace an existing ceiling tile system with our Thumbnails, your sound values will, on average, absorb twice the amount of noise. Thumbnails are a great way to lower crowd noise and upgrade the visual presentation of your space.  You can also opt to “switch out” just a portion of your existing tiles and insert a mural in your sky.

Note:   If you don’t have a grid system, or don’t want a grid system, check our popular PhotoCloud option instead.    These are staggered sound panels that float mechanically from your ceiling and don’t need a grid system.

Remember, the key to the success of your treatment will be the square foot totals that the panel system will be introducing into your space.   Do not under treat your room!   Adding a single panel or two into a space will do little to combat your noise.    Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 to calculate your totals!

You provide the image, and we will spread it across the expanse of your ceiling grid system!