PicturePanels are separated wall mounted custom imaged sound panels that disperse evenly in nice even site lines around your room’s perimeter. The treatment is not continuous. Panel sizes can be cut to match most any profile requested up to 10′ in height and 4′ in width. These are mechanically affixed to your wall using clips that are included with your order. The panels can then be taken down as needed, for cleaning the walls, painting the walls, or moving to a new location.

A reminder that your design options with a PicturePanel treatment are limitless.   Logos, graphics, images and fine are all at your fingertips for producing the visual WOW factor you are after with our panel systems.

Remember, the key to the success of your treatment will be the square foot totals that the panel system will be introducing into your space.   Soundproofing a space is not about placing (1) image on a wall to trigger the collapse in perimeter noise.   Instead, a panel system needs to be targeted.  Many clients compliment their wall mount PicturePanels with a series of ceiling suspended Accent Panels, which are solid colored panels that “float’ mechanically from the ceiling to deliver the square foot totals your space commands.

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PicturePanels are evenly spaced along even site lines, spreading around your room’s perimeter.   These are wall mounted panels designed to add a visual theme to your room, while capturing the sound wave reflections that are causing the unwelcome background noise.   Panel dimensions are cut to size, up to 4’x10′ per panel.   For one long continuous mural, we can butt the panels together to form a single landscape image (see Wallscapes).