PhotoClouds are the most popular way to introduce sound control into an existing space where the walls are to be left alone or are unavailable for a panel treatment.   PhotoClouds float mechanically from the ceiling to deliver the collapse in crowd noise you are seeking. Placement is regardless, so long as quantities are appropriate for your space.  They can be dye sublimated to print as solid color, (see Accents), or they can be printed with the graphics of your choice to create the WOW factor your customers will be talking about.

To source your imagery:

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Remember, the key to the success of your treatment will be the square foot totals that the panel system will be introducing into your space.   PhotoClouds are a great way to deliver the coverage your room demands without compromising your wall space.  We will safeguard that you do not undertreat your room.   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 to calculate your totals!

PhotoClouds can be cut to any size up to 4’x8′.   They can be spaced as you wish within your room, so long as appropriate quantities are introduced.   Images can be per panel, or spaced as a mural to stretch across a family of panels.   Solid color panels can also be used to compliment the use of your image selections.   Clouds are mechanically suspended, as tight to the ceiling as you wish.   The treatment is not continuous, PhotoClouds typically leave more than 75% of your ceiling as is, giving you ample space to maneuver the pieces into place without interfering with sprinkler heads, lighting or ventilatioin.