Paint Match

Some of our clients don’t want images, art, graphics or logos stretched across their perimeter surfaces.   Instead, they opt for solid colored wall or ceiling panels designed to blend into the existing space unnoticed.   For these clients, we offer our Paint Match Panels which camouflage the treatment.

Another popular use for our Paint Match Panels is to compliment a designer panel scheme.   Many clients opt to mix a combination of “graphic” panels with solid colored panels to build to the required square footage our Room Analysis is indicating.   In any case, Paint Match Panels are a popular method for combining to produce the collapse in perimeter sound in your space.

Remember, the key to the success of your treatment will be the square foot totals that the panel system will be introducing into your space.   We will safeguard that you do not under treat your room, and these Accents are a great option for fulfilling your square foot totals.  Provide us your paint chip, and we’ll match the color.  Call our help desk at 1-800-600-6715 to calculate your totals