Wall Mount?   Ceiling Mount?   You Choose.

There are a variety of ways to introduce a PicturePanel treatment into your space. Each of the treatments involve surface mounting, wall or ceiling, a set of sound panels to be evenly dispersed around your room. The sound values you seek will be triggered, not by the location of the panels or the treatment option selected, but by ensuring that the proper square foot totals are targeted for the room based on the size, shape and surface textures in your space before we get started. Call your room’s dimensions in to our help desk at 1-800-600-6715. offers wall or ceiling mounted panel system options. You do not need to treat all the surfaces in your room, nor do you need a combination wall and ceiling mounted sound panels to trigger the values you seek. Below we showcase the five panel options available for your space. Click to the option that best suits your room. If you need help, click to our Design Center.

1. Thumbnails:

These are ceiling tiles dropped into a grid system to form one continuous image across the expanse of your ceiling.   A single image becomes a ceiling mounted jigsaw puzzle that brands your space and produces a stunning visual impact.   2’x2′ or 2’x4′ drop-in image panels.

2. PhotoClouds:

These are individual panels that float mechanically from the ceiling, where no grid system is available, and where walls are to be left alone.   As with the Thumbnails, a single image can carry over a staggered set of PhotoClouds, or each Cloud can carry its own image or be wrapped in plain solid colors (see Accents below).

3. PicturePanels:

These are wall mounted panels that are evenly spaced around your room’s perimeter.  Single images printed on single panels.   Your design options are limitless.  Check our Library of Images or Gallery of Fine Art for ideas.

4. Wallscapes:

These are wall mounted panels that form a continuous wall mural.  A single image stretches across multiple panels that are either butt seamed to one another or staggered as you see here.   Wallscapes produce the ultimate WOW factor, and can enlarge to billboard size as needed thanks to our popular Dye Sublimation printing procedure.

5. Accents:

These are solid colored panel systems that can cut to match the design or look of your image presentation.   Not all your sound panels have to carry imagery on it, in fact many clients opt to limit the graphics and balance the quantities required for their treatment with plain colored panel systems.   Got a specific paint chip color?   Feed it to us and we’ll match the color of your linen table cloth napkins.

Solid Colored Sound Panels

Sound Panels Solid Colored


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