Murals for Sound Panels

Stretching an image across a family of wall or ceiling mounted sound panels can create a stunning visual presentation to any room.  Large graphic murals are a popular method for producing that “wow” factor to a space, while the panel system doubles as an effective method for absorbing unwanted echoes.   Murals are typically staggered, offering a reveal between the panels, with the image carrying across multiple pieces to create up to billboard size interior room walls of art.   The same Mural system can carry across Clouds floated from the ceiling, or printed into a 2×2 ceiling tile grid system.   For more information on creating custom imaged sound panel Murals for your space, call our help desk at 1-800-600-6715.

Voyager Bank ICAF_Final

Simplicity —

Originally from Shanghai, China, now living in Seattle, Washington, Yuming Zhu began studying under the painting masters at the age of ten.  He blends the styles of the East and West into his oil, pastel and Chinese watercolor paintings. Capturing the light and darkness of the European masters while combining the familiar and textured ink brush strokes found in Chinese painting and calligraphy.  Yuming finds that his art keeps him “spiritually wealthy and healthy.”  His art brings peace and tranquility to any enviroment and should be considered for your next project using sound panels to capture echo. Contact art gallery for more information at 1-800-600-6715 and get ready to experience beauty that controls.




Got the Shutterstock Bug?

Imagine sifting through 17 million images by category to match the particular style or design of your space, and having those same images enlarged and printed as murals to be surface mounted around your perimeter walls or ceiling.   Then imagine those same images capturing echoes in the room and getting rid of them.   Imagine a room filled more with beauty than with noise.   Imagine no more!   Shutterstock’s library of 17 million images is available to our noise-suffering customers, right here on our website.   Pick what you like, we’ll print and wrap your sound panels, and ship them off!   Click here to get started!

PicturePanel Artist on Conan O’Brien

Airing on December 19, 2012, artist Natalie Irish made a guest appearance on the Conan O’Brien show.   Natalie is (1) of the (21) featured artists found here in our Art Gallery for our clients to access.   She is known for her celebrity murals, and for painting them with her lips, not her hands.   She created a painting of and for Conan that she unveiled live on the episode.

If you would like to learn more about Natalie and the other featured artists in our Art Gallery, call our help desk at 1-800-600-6715!

Hiring An Artist

Our clients have a unique opportunity that is available only here at   We are the only sound panel company in the world that offers our own roster of artists who are available for hire.   As featured in our Art Gallery, these artists are commissioned by our clients to produce custom art to be printed onto the face of their sound panel systems.   As the panels are surface mounted within a space, the artwork comes alive, branding the space for both acoustic and visual appeal.

Shop our Art Gallery today, and discover these amazing world class artists and their body of work.   Choose from their existing portfolios, or hire your favorite to generate new art just for your space.  Questions?   Call our help desk at 1-800-600-6715 and we will put you in touch with our Art Consultant Joyce Wetzel.